Lust For Her

  • The Owner

    As a woman who identifies as a Lesbian, I found information about sexual wellness, body safe pleasure items, and sex/body positivity for women as well as our community was almost non-existent. I am dedicated pleasing you and your partner, helping you feel even more sexy about your body and sexual life style, and educate you in sexual wellness.

    Many places restricted sex to only a specific gender, did not include information regarding sexual health, and felt that our Community was limited to a few sexual pleasure items.

    This lead to the creation for Lust For Her. We want to open the doors to sexual wellness for our community and for women. We are gender inclusive and understand there are limitless ways a toy can pleasure an individual or a couple. The ideas are endless. We needed a place that sold pleasure items that are body safe and does not harm the users over the years to come. 

    Not only are we here to fulfill the lust and crave for pleasure and sexual knowledge, we are here to be a place you can be yourself, accept yourself, and not feel excluded while learning about pleasurable sex in a safe manner.