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Climaxes: The Act of Self Love by Queer African Voices

"Self exploration, as is often the case for queer identifiers, is an integral part to discovering one's own needs and desires. And while it stands true that a majority of our sexualities have likely been expressed and explored through a skewed lense, it is our relationships with our own bodies that ultimately dictate those perceptions. Furthermore, there is the ultimately dangerous trend of centering others as the starting point of attraction as opposed to oneself, and the push from sex positivity for ourselves. Herein lies the issue and hence a need for the conversational shift toward self; self exploration, self pleasure, and more importantly, self attraction."

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I mean .. Do we really need an orgasm every time?!

So let me give you my perspective and a backstory. Before I indulged in understanding our bodies, our pleasure, and overall a healthy sexual lifestyle, I believed the answer was yes! I believed if you didn’t orgasm, then the sex was wack and you might as well go back to the drawing board. However, better understanding bodies and pleasure, I continue to break the imprint society (especially porn) has tried to force upon my mind.

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Sex tapes are normal. So why the hell is it such a debate and shameful topic in today’s gossip sites?

The Shade Room, Gossip in the City, Baller Alert … all of these blog sites make it a habit to post someone’s personal sex tapes or pictures, especially when a person leaks it for monetary value or attention. It’s like, leaking a celebrity or even another person sex tape is the fuel to a person’s life. It’s that fire that continues to build them up while everyone else is tearing down consenting adults (more so consenting women) for wanting to record their own sex tapes or pictures. But why? Sex is normal. What happens when we are pleasing ourselves and those we are with is completely normal. So why is it such a big deal when someone’s personal tape or pictures are leaked? 

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Judge This Cover Book Review by Brittany Renner

The comments from a vast amount of people in her comments were typical. “She’s doing it for attention”. “She’s a hoe”. “Fathers, please stay in your daughters lives”. “Instagram thots at it again”. “Save your money, this book wasn’t juicy or about shit”. And each time, all I could interpret was, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Mentally, when she announced she was going to release her book, I already knew people were going to close their minds before they opened the fresh page and intake her story and her life lessons.

I do have one question to ask .. why is it so wrong for her to speak her truth? Because she dealt with men who are known? Because she’s willing to sit down and write her story for others to read, regardless of how those men may appear? Because she honestly doesn’t give a fuck and those on social media expect women to shut up, sleep with their favorites in private, and they bet not dare open their mouths? Oh, I get it. It’s because she freely expresses herself, both mentally, emotionally, and sexually. And people are not ready for that, not even an ounce. 

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