Lust For Pleasure
Sex Positive and Body Positive

Lust For Pleasure

Sex: The word that make society cringe. The word that isn't taught accurately in schools and carries a misconception. The word that is not accurately applied towards all sexuality and genders or pronouns. The word alone carries a picture that often excludes vast amounts of people. Let's flip that word to being positive. Lust For Her was created to be gender inclusive as well as including all sexuality, being sex positive, and promoting body-safe pleasure items. It was created to teach and advocate for healthy sexual lifestyle with cringing or excluding anybody. It was created as a place to help people embrace their sexual side, their body, and be safe while doing it. 


Enriching positivity between embracing your sexual being and your body is our goal. Helping women and the LBGTQ have a safe space for empowerment, knowledge and sexual wellness is important for us and it prompted us to make Lust For Her that place. 

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